2021 Core Committee

Core Committee
Student Union Delegate
Daniel Roa
I am Daniel Roa my background is Colombian, and I am pursuing a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics and a Diploma of mental health. I am also a member of La Trobe Student Excellence Academy for the streams of culture, community, and academy. I consider myself as a successful by-product of the Australian welfare system since I stayed institutionalized for over 2 years after a diagnosis of schizophrenia and posterior recovery. The reason for what I feel the duty to battle stigma, be an active mental health advocate and a watchdog of the welfare. I intent to have a macro perception over a wide range of interests such as social structures, cultural capital, global issues for first nation peoples, Latin American issues, human cognition, emotional intelligence, and education, among others. I enjoy reading, conversing, playing the guitar and some mundane vices. My goal as an elected union delegate is to strengthen the values of collective power and autonomy, democratic processes, and the debate of ideas.
Chief of Staff
Shilo Yitzhaki
I'm Shilo! Being a PPE student and enjoying the topics we discuss in class, it was only natural to get involved with the society. It brings a great group of like minded people together. It is really interesting to see how others are finding the topics in a non formalised setting. I wanted to get involved to continue see the society grow and facilitate such great opportunities for the PPE community. My goal for this year is to direct my studies and engagement more towards my career aspiration and begin to focus on what life might look like after uni.
Jackson Winter
Hello, I'm Jackson. I'm returning to uni in 2021 to study PPE, having previously completed studies almost a decade ago. I'm really excited to learn new things and equally excited to get involved with the PPE society. Outside of study you can find me getting way too invested in some new hobby or playing with my pet ratties. My goal at the moment is to pursue curiosity, not ambition. So I am not planning where this journey will take me, but I am trying to say yes to getting involved as much as possible and see where it all goes!
Assistant to the President
Nicholas Ball
Hey there, I'm Nicholas and I'm the 2021 Executive Assistant to the President, Clare Elliott. I'm currently undertaking a Bachelor of Biomedicine at La Trobe, with a keen focus on adolescent and young adult oncology care. In my spare time I love to tinker on project cars, collect vinyl records, and worship our lord and saviour Stevie Nicks. I'm looking forward to working with everyone in the society!
Merchandise Manager
Oscar Gilbert-Roberts
G'day legends. Wanna get kitted up in the latest, freshest gear making its way through La Trobe? You need to get PPE'd up from the feet up. That's what I'm here to do. I'm also here to study politics, philosophy and economics, advocate for cheaper drinks at the uni bar, and get excited by dinosaur facts. When I'm done I would like to work in policy or be a secret agent, and maybe I can do both! (You'll never know)
Events Team
James Brown
Hi, I'm James and I'm one of the PPE Society Event Coordinators for 2021. I'm a first year student studying the Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics, coming back to university at the ripe old age of 28. I'm keen to meet everyone, hopefully we can all have some fun this year and make a great, social society! Music is my number one love, so I'm usually hunting for a good gig to go to (support the local scene guys!) or just making noise on my guitar. Cheers!
Events Team
Josh Carrington
My name is Joshua Carrington currently undergoing a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics. I am one of the events coordinators for the PPE Society. I choose this degree as I am interested in how economic thought goes from theory to become prevalent in political discourse and how these economic ideas change the nature of the economic system. The other events coordinators and I are looking forward to planning future events that will enable you to meet new people and expand your knowledge.
Events Team
Simon Urquhart
Hi my name is Simon and I am currently studying a Bachelor Law/PPE. I am interested the how policy and law can build equality in society. Outside of uni I enjoy scuba diving, hiking, football and sci-fi. I am looking forward to working in the PPE events team.
Philosophy Ambassador
Scott Leopold
Did you know that all humanity needs is a philosopher-king, to rule with absolute wisdom - in order to save us from ourselves? Just kidding, that's absolute bollocks. Anyway, I am the ambassador of philosophy. You can find me annoying friends and foes alike with friendly conversations about politics, power and meaning. I enjoy writing plays for our La Trobe student theatre, getting C's for answering essay questions deliberately wrong and making fine feasts with a good cup of ale.
Economics Ambassador
David Inglese
I am currently doing PPE with a major in economics. It is important to learn not only mainstream economics but also heterodox economics. The more you know, learn and read about different economic thinkers and theorists, the more tools you have in your toolbox to analysis a situation, problem or policy. I am also a project manager for a small property development company and before this I was a property manager in the real estate industry. I became interested in economics during the 2008 financial crisis, I saw the amount of damage that bad management of our institutions and government can affect everyday people. This is the reason why good leadership and the ability to learn the mistakes of history is important. I seek to have a career in public policy analysis to provide the public with information they need to make more informed voting decisions.
First Year Ambassador
Georgia Ibrom
My name is Georgia and I'm the first year ambassador for the PPE society. I chose to study PPE as I have a passion and interest for all three elements. I also had difficulty picking a degree as I wanted to study multiple different subjects to better gain perspective of the world we live in. The PPE society allows me to interact with like minded people, also, we get to participate in and organise fun events. Outside of university, I love to advocate for issues I am passionate about, such as climate change, youth rights and women's rights. A goals for this year is to positively impact as many people as I can, and to study hard.
Second Year Ambassador
Emma Round
Hi, I'm Emma the Second Year Ambassador. I was keen to get involved in the PPE society to connect with others interested in the three disciplines and take advantage of the social aspects of the degree. I am passionate about sustainability and the environment; my goal is to work in government focusing on conservation. Some of my hobbies include hiking, art, baking and reading. Looking forward to a great 2021!
Mature Age Ambassador
Flora Mitrevski
Like many around the world, 2020 changed the course of my career. Having spent years working in international travel, l suddenly found myself in search for a new vocation. Fortunately, this blessing in disguise was the push that l needed to finally return to study, a goal that l had prolonged for over 20 years. I am so excited to be studying a Bachelor in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at La Trobe. I have had a wonderful experience so far and have met some amazing classmates. Although they are considerably younger, they have been very accepting and I'm particularly inspired by their advocation for social justice, equality, and change. As a mature student ambassador, l look forward to many more interactions​ with students across the board.
Technical Advisor
Max Corbel
My name is Max. I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Politics Philosophy and Economics. I am returning to study as a mature age student. I received and Adv Dip of Screen & Media in 2007 and have spent the interim traveling and working in film and entertainment, both as a stand-up comedian and in media production. I selected PPE as the field encompasses and analyses the competing the drives that shape our societies. I am interested in studying the economic, political, and philosophical triggers that cause conspiratorial and alternative beliefs to flourish in the present day, and their effects throughout history.